Kia is renowned for creating dependable, beautiful cars - but did you know that they also manufacture various trucks? Their crossover SUVs offer a generous amount of space and in this article we will explore the measurements of truck body features on several Kia models. With their quality craftsmanship, these vehicles are perfect for both practicality and style!

Importance of Knowing Kia Truck Bed Measurements

Knowing the exact measurements of your Kia truck bed is an essential step when planning to transport cargo. With this information, you can precisely calculate the quantity of items that fit securely and safely in your vehicle, as well as decide on the right equipment needed for securing them during transit. Understanding these dimensions will help ensure a safe journey with no surprises!

Kia Truck Bed Dimensions

Let's take a closer look at the measurements of the truck beds found in various Kia models.

Kia Telluride Truck Bed Measurements

The Kia Telluride is a large crossover SUV that packs a punch when it comes to cargo space! Boasting 87 cubic feet of storage capacity with all the second and third-row seats folded down, you'll never have to worry about not having enough room for whatever life throws your way. Plus, there's no need for a traditional truck bed – this vehicle has got you covered!

Kia Sportage Truck Bed Measurements

Compared to the larger Telluride, Kia's Sportage is a more compact SUV that provides up to 60.1 cubic feet of cargo space when you fold down its rear seats--while still missing out on the traditional truck bed setup.

Kia Seltos Truck Bed Measurements

The Kia Seltos is a crossover SUV that provides slightly less cargo space than its Sportage counterpart. In lieu of an old-fashioned truck bed, the Seltos features up to 62.8 cubic feet of storage with foldable rear seating for extra room when needed.

Kia Soul Truck Bed Measurements

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind crossover SUV, the Kia Soul is just what you need. Even though it provides slightly less cargo space than its predecessor (the Seltos), the new model comes with an extra bonus: a tiny truck bed! This useful feature measures 47.4 inches in length, 43.3 inches in width and 28.7 inches high as well as 24.2 cubic feet of cargo volume; making your transportation needs easier to tackle!

Factors to Consider When Measuring Kia Truck Beds

Before you measure the truck bed of your Kia, there are a few considerations to make. These include bed length, width and height along with determining the total cargo volume.

Bed Length

Knowing the bed length of your vehicle is critical when deciding how much cargo can safely be transported. This measurement starts at the front of the bed and ends at its rear.

Bed Width

The width between the two sides of a bed is an important element to know when calculating how wide your cargo may be. Knowing this measurement can help you make sure that everything will fit and provide ample space for movement in transit.

Bed Height

To figure out the size of your shipment, it's critical to have an idea of the bed height. That measurement is equivalent to how far away from the ground up to where your truck bed walls start. Knowing this distance will help you determine if you can fit all of your cargo in it!

Cargo Volume

When deciding how much cargo you can haul, it is essential to consider the available capacity of your truck bed. Cargo volume provides an accurate indication of this space availability - ensuring that you never overpack what your vehicle can handle!

Tips for Accurately Measuring Kia Truck Beds

To guarantee that your cargo is loaded securely and safely in your Kia truck, it's critical to take accurate measurements of the bed. With these simple tips, you'll be able to measure your Kia truck bed with precision:

  • When it comes to accurately determining the measurements of your truck bed, there's nothing better than utilizing a measuring tape. Make sure you use a superior quality one for accurate results every time!
  • Don't forget to measure the full length of your truck bed! Begin at the front bumper and stretch out all the way to the rear.
  • To get an precise measurement of the width of your truck bed, gauge at the most slender point. Doing this will ensure you have the right size for whatever it is that needs to fit in there!
  • Accurately determine the magnitude of your truck bed by gauging from its base to the peak of its walls. Measuring this distance will provide you with an exact height measurement for your truck bed!
  • Ensure accuracy: After recording your measurements, review them a second time to guarantee precision.


Accurately measuring your Kia truck bed is key for transporting cargo. With this knowledge, you can easily decide how much stuff to bring and pick out the ideal equipment for securing it all. This way, you make sure everything fits safely in place and arrive at your destination stress-free!


Can I use a Kia Sportage to transport large items?

  • If you are looking to transport bulky items, the Sportage's cargo space may not be adequate for your needs. To ensure that your cargo will fit in the vehicle, make sure to measure both it and the available area of the Sportage before making any moves.

What is the cargo volume of the Kia Soul's truck bed?

  • The Kia Soul boasts an expansive 24.2 cubic feet of cargo storage space in its truck bed, so you can bring all your gear along for the journey!

Can I transport furniture in a Kia truck bed?

  • Before transporting furniture, the only way to ensure its secure transit is by measuring both your furniture and Kia truck bed. Consideration of those dimensions will help you determine if all or some pieces of furniture can fit in the available space. Don’t take a chance on anything less than an exact measure – plan before you transport!

How do I measure the height of my Kia truck bed?

  • Accurately gauge the height of your Kia truck bed by calculating from the floor to ceiling.

Can I use a Kia Telluride to transport large items?

  • The Telluride offers plenty of cargo space, however without the traditional truck bed. To transport large items with ease, it is wise to measure your goods against the dimensions of the Telluride's storage area before loading them in.