If you want to modify your car, make sure that you do it in a legal way. There are a lot of rules about modifying cars, and the police are more likely to stop cars that have been modified. That means that any work you have done needs to be legal and above board so you don't get fined or penalized. You can learn more about each of the modifications at modified1.com.

What Are Car Modifications?

You can change the look of your car. You might do it for looks, but there are other changes too. If you want to change the car, you need to be careful that what you do is legal.

Some people buy used cars and they need to know about the changes on them so they don't get problems later or have their insurance canceled.

Which Car Modifications are Legal?

There are a lot of rules about what you can do to your car. You should know the rules before you start making changes. We have a list of things that are allowed, and things that are not allowed.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are really popular. Sometimes cars come with them and they can be a nice addition. But if you add them to the wrong windows, it is not legal. For example, you can add tint to the back windows but not the front ones which make up your windshield.

And in order for tinting to be legal, at least 70% of light should be able to get through when looking through the window from inside the car or when someone outside looks in.

Big Exhausts

A big bore exhaust is what car racers put on their car. It makes the engine sound like it has a high-performance engine. Most aftermarket exhausts aren't legal because they are too noisy and don't follow emissions regulations, so be careful when you buy one.

The police will come if your car is too noisy or smoking too much, and you could get an on-the-spot fine of £50. If you don’t remove it, the penalties will be much greater.


A spoiler is a car modification that some boy racers use. A spoiler helps your car handle better and it looks sporty. Spoiler aren't illegal, but you need to meet certain conditions.

For example, the spoiler needs to be fastened securely on your car without any sharp or dangerous edges that can cut someone. And the police can make you take off your spoilers if they say they are too dangerous.

Neon Lights

When you add neon lights to your car, it is important to be careful. In the UK, they are illegal when you drive on roads. You can buy them and put them on the bottom of your car while it is parked.

They must not be visible so a professional will need to help you install them. But if you want to use neon lights when driving around in your car, they are illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble.